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Anonymous said: Your zodico fakemon are really cool. It would be cool if they were in a game. It would suck if they were in the pokemon anime though because the show turned to total shit and I don't think they would express your characters well. Do you have stories for your fakemon? ( ^_^ )

Thank you!!!! I love zodico, i always say it but they’re my pride n joy ;;;;;; I wish they could be real pokemon, but i guess they’ll be stuck being fakemon forever, or maybe i’ll just use them for something else 9w6  For stories each one has their own origin story (if that’s what you mean) but they’re literally just based off the myths of how those signs became constellations except kinda changed for the sake of pokemon universe.  ie aries was chrysomallus; the flying ram with beautiful golden fleece that rescued and helped two people get to their destination and then was sacrified n then placed into the heavens as a constellation - o- also zodico-aries horns spin to propel it into the air n fly. I haven’t gotten too far with stories actually but zodico version would exclude the sacrifice parttt lol blah balh balh

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